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Environment / Recycling

arxiki1Our firm from its very beginning acquired a plastic recycling unit. We recycle the scrap created during the manufacturing process and plastic scrap sourced from packaging sorting centers.

The capacity of the unit exceeds 5,000kg per day of recycled plastic. The recycled plastic is used to produce refuse sacks.

A few words for polyethylene.

Polyethylene is one of the most widely used flexible packaging plastic. It is produced by polymerization of ethylene and every year produce approximately 80 million tons of polyethylene worldwide. Ethylene or ethene is an odorless, colorless and tasteless gas. Polyethylene is created through polymerization of ethene. It can be produced through radical polymerization, anionic addition polymerization, ion coordination polymerization or cationic addition polymerization.

Polyethylene is classified into several different categories based mostly on its density and branching. The mechanical properties of PE depend significantly on variables such as the extent and type of branching, the crystal structure and the molecular weight. With regard to sold volumes, the most important polyethylene grades are HDPE and LDPE.

ldpehdpeEach packaging bears a number which helps to identify the packaging material so that the final consumer can reject the packaging in the correct recycling bin. The sympols about LDPE and HDPE are:

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