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  1. New Product, bags
    2011-11-28 09:34:14
  2. Symposium of Plastics
    2011-11-02 09:34:14
  3. Equipment Upgrade
    2011-10-10 09:34:14
  4. New Products, rolls
    2011-09-15 09:34:14
  5. New Product, bags
    2011-08-29 09:34:14


We produce polyethylene bags transparent from virgin material LDPE suitable for packaging a various number of products such as screws, metal parts, newspapers, magazines, pulses and much more.

The sacks offer high clarity, gloss and easy packaging. The bags are suitable to come in contact with food according to the European Union law.

We have plenty of sizes available. We can print up to 6 colors on high precision stack type presses.


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